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Bikini dress

 A halter neck mini dress, crafted from a patchwork of forty plus individually finished triangular panels. Thirty plus ties loop through the intricately detailed panels, creating an abundance of irregular voluminous pockets and teased out strings and bows. Highly adjustable and size flexible. For a shorter, tighter fit, simply scrunch the panels closer together at the desired spot and fix with tied bow. For a longer, wider fit, flatten the scrunch.

One of a kind. Customised and made to measure. 

Meticulously crafted in our Brunswick atelier.

Available on request. Price starts from $1,299. Final price on demand. Please email for a quote. 

Aleysha is 175cm, dress size 6-8. Clare is 171cm, dress size 10-12. They are wearing the same piece.

80% nylon 20% elastane.